Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tightening Our Belts

Back in April Jen met a man in Brooklyn who was converting a vintage belt factory into an art gallery. He was stuck with thousands of belts and was trying to get rid of them, so Jen and I decided to take a few off his hands. We were shown around this huge warehouse, escorted to the top floor and left to explore the factory on our own. We were totally overwhelmed within the first five minutes. 20 years worth of dust covered everything, birds were flying around and we had no idea what creatures we would encounter in each box. We picked through boxes and boxes of stuff and gathered some really cool belts. We then grabbed our stuff and proceeded to the nearest staircase, but it was closed. We found a second staircase - closed! Then a third - closed! We then called the guy to send up the elevator, but he didn't answer. For a brief moment I envisioned having to climb out a window and shimmy down the side of the building, but we split up and looked in every nook and cranny until we found a little rickety stair case. I was a little panicked by the look of the staircase, but Jen was already racing down it leaving the scary factory in her wake. We made it home in one piece with some really awesome belts.